Season 2, Episode 12: Shany Danieli

Do Galaxies with No Dark Matter Prove it Exists? Shany Danieli, part of a team from Yale using the Dragonfly Array made observations of an ...
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Season 2, Episode 11: Dr Feryal Özel

This is the first photo of a black hole taken with eight telescopes all across earth, in a collaborative effort called the Event Horizon Telescope ...
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Season 2, Episode 10: David Kipping

The Halo Drive, using a laser to gain fuel free relativistic propulsion from a black hole. By shooting a laser close to the event horizon ...
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Season 2, Episode 9: Joe Scott

Joining John this week is YouTuber Joe Scott, host of Answers with Joe where they discuss a variety of topics including space science, future technology ...
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Season 2, Episode 8: Jon Townsend (Part 2)

In part two part episode we are joined by historian and host Jon Townsend who does historical reenactment, is the host of the YouTube channel ...
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Season 2, Episode 7: Duncan Lorimer

An exploration of the discovery of fast radio bursts with co-discoverer of the phenomenon Dr. Duncan Lorimer. We talk about how strong the fast radio ...
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