Can We Save Schrödinger’s Cat? with Yale’s Dr. Zlatko Minev

Can We Save Schrödinger’s Cat? with Yale’s Dr. Zlatko Minev

Schrödinger’s Cat Can it be saved? A group of Yale researchers made quantum physics news by figuring out how to catch and save Schrödinger’s cat. A symbol of quantum superposition and unpredictability. Through observations they are able to anticipate its quantum jumps and act in real time to save it from proverbial doom. This episode goes over it in detail but, Schrödinger’s cat explained briefly, it is the paradox used to illustrate the concept of superposition and quantum jumps and unpredictability in quantum physics. John Michael Godier spoke with Yale’s Dr. Zlatko Minev and he explained what this new experiment and paper is, as well as how quantum physics works. He also discussed how this relates to Einstein’s quantum theory as well as if this will lead to new and exciting developments within the field of quantum mechanics and for the field of quantum computers 2019 and beyond.

Season 2, Episode 17

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