Category: Over the Edge

A selection of material that didn’t make it into a full episode.

Season 2 is upon us

Season 2 is upon us

Einstein’s Inspiration for General Relativity? Featuring Paul Sutter
10 Reasons Why Humanity Is an Alien Civilization
Why Kepler Thought He Was Talking to God Featuring Paul Sutter
The Odds of Asteroids Hitting Earth Featuring Karen Meech
Is Life Universal? Featuring Dr. Avi Loeb
New Horizons NASA Flyby of Ultima Thule with Ben Pearson
Does Interstellar Panspermia Seed Life? Featuring Dr. Karen Meech
Is Science Not Taking Enough Risks? With Avi Loeb
New Repeating Fast Radio Bursts Detected From Deep Space Featuring Shriharsh Tendulkar
Avoiding Solar Flare and Asteroid Disaster Featuring Dr. Avi Loeb

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