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Episode 10: Isaac Arthur

Episode 10: Isaac Arthur

John will be joined by his long time friend and colleague Isaac Arthur. Does humanity face a bright future? What will it be like? We ask these questions in a discussion with Isaac Arthur host of Science and Futurism with Isaac Arthur. Other topics include, uplifting of intelligent species like Dolphins, Chimpanzees, and locked in water world aliens on exoplanets. As well as blackhole farming and if alien civilizations will decide to come together when the lights go out.

Episode 6: Isaac Arthur (Part 1)

Episode 6: Isaac Arthur (Part 1)

John is joined by an old friend and physicist Isaac Arthur. A keen futurist, Isaac is notably known for hosting “Science and Futurism with Isaac Arthur”.

John and Isaac discuss humanity’s future with technologies such as Dyson Spheres, artificial intelligence, life extension, they also delve into the Fermi Paradox, space colonization, and more. This is part one of an in depth conversation that will conclude later next month.

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